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We know that maintaining the outside parts of your property is important to Tomball residents and us! We work hard to deliver the best products and services, so you can be sure your house is as secure as possible.
Since 2005, Roof Republic has provided Tomball residential roofing services to the Tomball community. We are experts in siding, roofing, and gutter repair and installation. Our skilled team of professionals is available to assist you with all of your exterior home renovation requirements, with a combined expertise of over 30 years.


Safeguard Your Property from
Water Damage with Gutters

We know how crucial gutters are to the overall security of your house. Without them, water might collect around your building's foundations, resulting in expensive water damage. You may relax knowing that your house is sufficiently protected from harm since Roof Republic aims to keep your gutters in good operating order.

Our professionals can maintain, replace, and clean gutters. We install seamless metal gutters from size 0.030 to .055 in various shapes and sizes. We can unclog, clean, and install guards to maximize the effectiveness of your gutters if a maintenance problem arises, such as the gutters being blocked.

Roofing – Create a Safe and Secure Home

Your Roof is one of the most important components of your home; assuming it's in good condition is critical to ensuring the safety and security of your house. We offer repair, maintenance, and replacement services for both residential and commercial properties.


Many roofing materials, including asphalt, ceramic tile, wood, slate, and metal, may all be installed, repaired, or replaced by our professional team. You may relax knowing that your property will be kept to the greatest standards because we specialize in all types of roofing.

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We offer annual maintenance Tomball residential roofing services to guarantee the durability of your roof. We'll inspect your roof's construction to ensure it was installed correctly and watertight.

We are also adept at spotting any wear and tear that may require attention.

Siding – Make Your Home's Exterior Look Great

Regarding home exteriors, siding is crucial in keeping your house looking its best while protecting it from the elements.

At Roof Republic, our experienced technicians can provide various maintenance and repair services on existing and new siding. We know there are many different types, so we are certified to install and repair vinyl, fiber cement, engineered wood, stucco, and metal. Maybe you need a complete overhaul, or maybe you're just doing some slight touch-ups. Either way, we are focused on delivering a beautiful yet durable solution to protect your home from further damage.



We are committed to providing excellent service and value for all of our customers. All of our materials and service come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Follow our posts page to know more about roofing needs you need to know. 

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