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How Much Does Roof Repair Cost?

Updated: May 2, 2023

If you've noticed water stains, cracking, curling shingles, or leaking spots on your roof lately, it might be time to have an inspection done by a professional. You'll want to know how much roof repair costs and if the damage falls within your homeowners' insurance scope. A qualified inspector will find out what's wrong with your roof and provide you with an estimate for the costs of repairing it. Some factors to consider in to ease of access and location of repairs.

Roofing Repair Permits

You may need a permit before the professionals can work on your roof. Your local building department and the power company might require you to get one. Inspectors and utility workers can only enter the structure after getting approval from your homeowner's association. When obtaining permits for repairs, you'll be required to give notice of the work schedule and any structural disruptions during construction.

Issue and Repairs Needed

The scope of work must be clearly explained in the estimate. Ask if any restrictions make it difficult to repair the roof. If a section of the roof has been replaced, ask what made them replace it and how many more feet will be added to the repaired area.

The inspectors will let you know what the needs of your roof are. They'll check for water infiltration problems, leakage, damage to shingles, missing or damaged flashing, and anything else that could lead to further damage.

Insurance Coverage for Repairs

The repair cost is often mainly determined by the type of insurance coverage your insurance company offers your house. If it's only for emergency repairs, such as replacing a blown-out or broken shingle or fixing a leak in an area where no damage has occurred, you may not need to make an appointment with an inspector. You can still submit the work order form online or over the phone and let them know what needs to be done and that it must be done quickly. If there are any problems, they'll be able to advise you of your requirements and work with the contractor to make sure everything is handled correctly.

Labor Costs for Roofers

When contractors repair your roof, you'll pay for their time and work. The labor costs for a professional can vary from region to region depending on the cost of living and what's going on with the local construction industry. You will pay more if the repairs are more complicated and take longer. The cost of materials is also a consideration for labor rates. Roofing materials are expensive, so if included in the price quote, your labor costs may be higher than expected.

Roof repair is a significant expense many avoid by simply tightening the shingles to prevent leaks. If you have shingles, they should be replaced every seven to ten years. Shingles with much longer life expectancies or made of a different material may need replacing more often. Check what kind of roof repair materials they use, or ask the roofer for suggestions about other possible repairs you could do in the future.

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