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Roof Replacement

Roof replacement is a common task for homeowners. Many factors go into the decision to replace a roof, and a lot of materials can be used by roof replacement companies to install a new roof. At Roof Republic, one of the leading roof replacement companies, we believe the process of roof replacement should be handled in a professional yet personal manner. For this reason, we follow strict guidelines in installing these, and it involves a generic process with these considerations:


The inspection stage occurs when we arrive at the job site. This stage is where the scope of work, or scope of materials and labor, is determined. During the inspection, we assess the extent of damage to the roof. It is only after this assessment that we choose whether the roof should be replaced or not. We recognize that a replacement is not always the best solution for every roof. However, when a roof is beyond repair, it should be replaced to prevent further damage and ensure the property is secure from possible leaks.

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Removal of Old Roof

After the old roof is found to be irreparable, it is time to remove the old roof to make way for the new one. Roof replacement companies, like Roof Republic, have skilled specialists who can determine the access point for roof repair and restoration.

Once the old roof has been removed, we meticulously prepare the surface for the installation of the new roof.

Installation of Underlayment

Waterproof underlayment is critical to the new installation. The underlayment protects against leaks and ensures durability. This protective feature is important because the roof is exposed to weather elements during the year. The underlayment also helps to prevent any problems with fireplace smoke and drafts.

Installation of Shingles

Once the underlayment is in place, we then attach the shingles. Quality is our priority when it comes to the installation of shingles. We ensure that all shingles are correctly installed, and we consider the aesthetic appeal and durability of each one. In this stage, we also ensure that the new roof has the proper slope and pitch. This is important because good pitch usually leads to reduced wind pressure, which can cause some strain on the roof.

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Installation of Flashing

Flashing is also very important in roof restoration. It protects edges and corners from changing temperatures, which can lead to leaks. Flashing prevents water from getting into the attic and adds a decorative touch. Proper flashing installation is what keeps a roof looking good for years to come. Visit our roofing blog section that will help you with all your roofing needs.

Clean Up and Inspection

The final stage involves a post-installation assessment. We ensure all the processes have been completed and all measurements have been met. We also clean up the work site at this stage. We are meticulous about every aspect of the roof replacement to deliver aesthetically pleasing and long-lasting results.

A roof replacement, handled by experienced roof replacement companies, should always be as smooth as possible. A seamless process with no hiccups will reduce stress and allow our customers to fully enjoy the benefits of a more reliable, secure, and beautiful roof. At Roof Republic, we prioritize a hassle-free experience for our valued clients

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